Weak Passwords Mean Compromised Accounts

Building a Better Password Do’s and Dont’s

You woke up this morning and your email is spamming Rx ads you want nothing to do with and you realized you’ve been compromised. Time to change your password. Here are a few recommendations:

1)   Avoid common names, dates, phone numbers or things easily associated with you.
2)   Avoid common words or phrases as they would be the first thing checked by password cracking software.
3)   Use a combination of numbers and letters.  For example, substitute numbers for letters and letters for numbers in a word or phrase.
4)   Make it something you can remember all by yourself.  Don’t write it down anywhere!
5)   Don’t use naturally occurring keyboard sequences (like “qwerty” for example)6)   Try to make it at least 8 – 16 characters long.  Obviously the longer the better.
7)   Plan on changing your password often.  Experts suggest changing your passwords at least every 6 months.

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