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Cryptolocker Keeps on Trucking Despite the Network Shutdown

If you use email to fax  or receive them be on the look out. As recently as 6/5/2014, even though the botnet Zeus has been destroyed, Cryptolocker has found a new way to infect your pc and any shared/drop boxed files you have on your pc.  You are presented with an email delivery notification stating a new fax has been sent your way. In the email there is a link to Dropbox where the faux email is being stored. As soon as the link is clicked, the goose is cooked. Within a matter of minutes the encryption will take place but whatever you do, DO NOT PAY THE RANSOM to recover your data as you may end up paying for a ransom and may remain a hostage. For our friends down under be mindful of odd emails from your electric company because two weeks ago a similar version of the Cryptolocker virus made the rounds under the guise of an “Australian Electric Company Bill”

If you have been infected please call our office and schedule an appointment to get your computer cleaned and allow us to attempt to recover your data.

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