Ransomeware aims at Android

Simplocker, the Cryptolocker of Android Devices

So Encrypting Ransome ware continues its march, this time its going after Android with the Simplocker Virus. Like its Windows PC counterpart, Simplocker encrypts all of your images, documents and audio files that exist on your phones SD card. Luckily as of right now it only appears to be attacking Android users in the Ukraine but it may not be long before it touches down on American shores.

As school is letting out, you may see an increase in the number of unsolicited fake “Microsoft” support phone calls, Moneypack Viruses circulating, or Ransomware on the rise. We often see this because now is the time when your computer is most vulnerable to the uninhibited clicking of little Johnny or Suzie’s web browsing. You may feel overwhelmed but rest assured that should you find yourself in a bind Computer Medics is here to help.

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