Windows PC vs. Apple / Mac’s?

Given that Apple controls the Hardware and the Operating System (end-to-end), the quality factor is far superior to a Windows PC + it is most generally a safer software environment.

Can I Prevent Viruses From Infecting My PC?

Unless you completely disconnect from the Internet; the answer is ‘no’. Unfortunately, todays Internet is (on one hand) a great resource tool, but (on the other hand) full of things that ‘unless warded off up-front’ can infect a PC.

Is There One Antivirus / Internet Security Suite That Works Better Than the Others?

No / not necessarily… We usually advise our Clients to stay away from Antivirus / Internet Security Suite software that ‘over burdens’ their PC resources (e.g. slows it down tremendously).

Should I Have My PC ‘Cleaned-up’ Periodically?

Yes / it most generally speeds-up your PC, by ‘un-cluttering’ & ‘un-burdening’ the processor from running un-wanted & un-needed software.

How Much is a Typical Service Call?

There is ‘always’ a One Hour Minimum, and then we bill in 15 minute increments from there forward; most things can be resolved within an hour to an hour and a half’s worth of labor.

NOTE: Diagnostics are at no-charge, ‘if’ the troubled PC is brought into our walk-in store @ 119th street.

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