MS Scam Calls

Don’t Get Scammed By Call Center Phishing

Recently we have seen an upswing in the number of calls we are getting regarding Microsoft Support Call Center scam calls.

HOW IT WORKS: In this situation someone will call your phone and advise you that your computer is highly infected and that they will “help” clean your computer, they will have you visit a website where you will download and install remote access software that will give them full access to your pc. After some poking around and running commands they will inform you that the computer is badly infected and will need to be cleaned for a very high amount (between $200-$900, typically).  You give them your credit card and they bill you for services that were never really needed.

WHAT YOU SHOULD DO: As soon as someone calls saying they are from Microsoft or any other support center hang up the phone, do not give them access to your pc, and if you think you may have bring it in to our shop for a full clean up. If you have already fallen for this scam, don’t beat yourself up your not alone.

For more information regarding this scam check out the Microsoft Response to Scam Call Center.