Lightning, thunder, and surges OH MY!

Thunder, Lightning, and Surges OH MY!

It’s storm season again here in the Metro and that means lightning. It’s time to protect your equipment with in-home surge protectors and a whole-home surge protector.

In-home surge protectors, are retail purchased hardware and  they should be plugged directly to the wall and never daisy chained. For in-home surge protectors look for a reputable brand such as APC that state on the packaging how many joules they can suppress and how much their product will insure. You can find them at the following stores: BestBuyMicrocenter, Nebraska Furniture Mart, and Staples , just to name a few local retailers.

Whole-home surge protectors like in-home protectors reduce the chances of an over-surge from outside of the home. They are available from your utility provider at a monthly fee and offer additional insurance protection your insurance carrier may not provide. For more information about Whole-Home Surge Protectors check the following: