iPad mini to iConsole

Game like a Boss with Gamevice

If your like me you love to game on the go but sometimes the screen controls just don’t work like they should which, lets be honest, can make gaming a less enjoyable experience. Inspired by the demand for better playability,  GameVice was born.

Featuring dual analog sticks, twin trigger button, a classic D-pad and a 4 button (A,B,X,Y) pad the Gamevice hugs your iPad Mini and you are ready to game. So as long as your games support controller usage the Gamevice will work with any game on the apple mark it. Sure it looks a bit bulky but then again so did the original Gameboy.

The Gamevice will be released this holiday season, will be MFi-certified (according to Gizmodo.com), but an MSRP hasn’t been announced.

For more info check out the Gizmodo Article HERE
And to sign up for information from Gamevice click HERE