Getting the most life out of your Galaxy S5

12 Days of Battery Life… It’s Now Possible.

If your Galaxy S5 is glued to your ear or your hand like most of us, you know that by the end of the day your battery may end up on its last leg but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Beginning with Galaxy S2 the Power saver was added to extend battery life and the Galaxy S5 takes it a step further with Ultra Power Saver which can extend battery life from hours to days. For example with my S5 battery at 92% after entering Ultra mode I have an estimated 11.5 days of battery, the downside are that apps are restricted down to essential apps (which you can choose), the screen goes to grayscale, and services like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are shut off.

If your interested in activating Power Saving or Ultra Power Saving mode on your S5 just do the following : Settings> Power savings> Ultra Power Saving Mode > and switch the slider to on. It’s that easy, sure it won’t look as pretty but when you can get 11.5 days of life on your battery that’s a worthy sacrifice especially on long road trips.