Email Has Been Hacked! What Now?

It happens even to the best of us, our email gets hacked and we start spamming out ads for pills most of our friends are to young to use/need yet. So what can you do when your email has been compromised? Below are just a few steps we’d recommend to get back on your feet.

1) Change Your Password : Change your password ASAP to something difficult and include letters, numbers, and symbols. Be sure to update all email accessing device passwords as well.
2) Remove Filters and Forwards in Settings: Some email hackers are crafty and place filter and forwarding addresses on your email account redirecting mail to themselves or your trash can.
3) Apologize to Friends and Family : We’re pretty sure Pastor Joe isn’t looking for “Hot Young Singles” in the area and Grandma doesn’t need the latest male pill so be sure to apologize for the weird emails.
4) Links are Bad M’kay : Never log in to a site via a link within an email not matter how official or authentic it looks. This is a phishing attack, designed to catch a “fish” on its hook and reel in user data.
5) Scan for Bugs: Now that you have the web side of things nailed down tight it’s time to clean house internally. Start off with a deep virus scan followed up with an adware scan. Leave no stone unturned when cleaning up.