Ebay Compromised: Account information up for grabs

Soon up for Auction: Your EBay Account information.

It’s happened once again, another E-Giant has been compromised. EBay, the worlds largest online auction sites announced on 5/21/2014 that there systems were compromised between late February and early March of this year.  According to EBay the cyber criminals were able to compromise EBay through stolen employees but EBay asserts that the passwords that were stolen had been encrypted. The data that was accessed included full names, postal addresses, phone numbers and birthday information.

However, EBay quickly pointed out that there is no evidence that Paypal, their sister-site, was not compromised at this time.

What to do?
Users have been encouraged to change their passwords immediately to prevent further issues.
Keep an eye on your credit score and your financial accounts for unusual activity and contact your financial / credit office should these activities occur.

For more check out the original Forbes write up HERE.