DSL Speeds Are Not Quite What Your ISP Advertised

DSL Internet Speeds Are Not Quite What Your ISP Advertised

The FCC completed its 4th annual report on broadband speeds and not everyone came out smelling like a rose, specifically 4 DSL providers : Verizon (FiOS), Century Link, Frontier, and Windstream were well under their advertised speeds according to the report found HERE. Based on comparative speeds between Fiber and Coax based broadband internet, DSL can’t compete contrary to what Comcast’s David Cohen may have tried to tell the Senate Judiciary Committee. If your a DSL customer and you don’t think your getting your advertised speeds then head over to Speedtest.net, run a test, and see what your real speeds are.

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Check out the original article by Adam Clarke Estes at Gizmodo.com HERE