Spotify Breach

Spotify Breach Will Require Android App Upgrades

Spotify is requiring people listening to its popular music service on Android devices to install new software as a safeguard against a recent security breach.

Spotify says the break-in has only resulted in unauthorized access to one user’s account. The company says passwords and financial information were not stolen.

Spotify users streaming on iPhones, iPads and Windows devices won’t have to do anything at this time.

Some users will be required to re-enter their passwords to log in.

Spotify has more than 40 million users. A substantial number of them rely on Android, the world’s most popular mobile operating system.



Snapchat Caught You, the FTC Caught Snapchat

Snapchat Caught You, the FTC Caught Snapchat

Earlier this month Snapchat and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) settled over charges that the data sent via Snapchat specifically contacts, images, location, and videos were collected without asking users for permission. It was pointed out by the ftc that any user using an I-device predating iOS7 could take screenshots of sent images with the sender being none-the-wiser and that videos sent via Snapchat were still accessible via computer on the recipients phone after a video “disappeared” because the videos aren’t encrypted. Even scarier though is that Android users, that use the Snapchat app, were broadcasting their location without their knowledge/consent.

Next time you want to send a Snapchat ask yourself the following: Who’s getting it? Who’s keeping it? Who knows where I am? Should I really be putting this out over the internet?

You can find the full yahoo article here

Don’t burn through Data watching cat videos again

Never Burn Through Data Watching Cat Videos Again

If you ever found yourself watching a long YouTube video on phone only to realize you weren’t on Wi-Fi suddenly panic sits in as you ponder how much data did I use and how much do I have left before the end of my billing cycle. It doesn’t just happen to the average joe but to the tech guys as well, we take for granted that our phones immediately connect our Wi-Fi whenever they are near.

For iOS users your in luck by changing a few settings you can avoid further panic down the road and we’re here to show you how. Go into Settings and scroll to cellular, once inside the Cellular window select the apps you only want using Wi-Fi. You can always give the apps access to cell data later on.

For Android go to Settings then click Data Usage from there scroll down to the app you want to restrict.  Scroll to the bottom of the window and check the Restrict Background Data checkbox, this will only allow the app to run over Wi-Fi.

With these settings in place you should be able to reduce data burnout and overage.
Happy Surfing!