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FBI director demands access to private cell phone data

From the cnet.com article ‘FBI director demands access to private cell phone data’ by Seth Rosenblatt  (@sethr) To stop terrorists and other criminals, cell phones should have encryption backdoors to enable US government surveillance, argues FBI Director James Comey. Cell phone encryption will prevent the federal government from stopping terrorists and child molesters unless the government […]

Snapchat warns users outside apps ‘can’t be trusted’

From the Cnet.com Article by Seth Rosenblatt (@sethr) Snapchat tells its more than 100 million users that some third-party apps pose a threat. But the photo-sharing service doesn’t address why outsiders were able to connect to Snapchat in the first place. Snapchat cautioned its 100 million active users on Tuesday morning to stay away from any and […]

Google exposes ‘Poodle’ flaw in Web encryption standard

An excerpt from the Cnet.com Article by Seth Rosenblatt ( @sethr) Older Web technology continues to be dogged by revelations that show how insecure it is. A trio of Google security engineers proved that the encryption standard Secure Socket Layer can be circumvented thanks to a new vulnerability they dubbed “POODLE.” POODLE is a new […]

Russian hackers tap Windows flaw to hit NATO, Ukraine

From the Cnet.com Article by Charlie Osborne Security firm iSight says the “Sandworm” team has targeted NATO, the European Union, Ukraine and industry through a previously unrecognized Windows zero-day exploit. Russian hackers have exploited a bug in Microsoft’s Windows operating system in order to target computers used by NATO, the European Union, Ukraine and the […]

Lenovo builds a projector into the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro

From the Cnet.com Article by Dan Ackerman Lenovo has made some minor updates to its 8-inch and 10-inch Yoga 2 tablets , changing the kickstand design and adding a Windows 8 version, but it’s another new Yoga tablet product that really stands out as different. The new Yoga Tablet 2 Pro is a 13-inch Android tablet with the same cylindrical edge/kickstand […]

US spying scandal will ‘break the Internet,’ says Google’s Schmidt

US government surveillance is destroying the digital economy, a roundtable of execs from Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other tech companies tell Sen. Ron Wyden From the CNET.com Article by Seth Rosenblatt ( @sethr) PALO ALTO, Calif. — The impact of US government surveillance on tech firms and the economy is going to get worse before […]

AMD’s CEO steps down, COO takes over

From the Cnet.com Article by Ben Fox Rubin ( @benfoxrubin) AMD named Lisa Su, its chief operating officer, as its new CEO, effective immediately, replacing Rory Read as the struggling maker of PC chips continues its attempt at a turnaround. Read, 52 years old, stepped down as president and chief executive, and as a board […]

Twitter sues US government over user data-request gag rules

Social network says current government restrictions on transparency are preventing tech companies from being fully honest with the public. From the cnet.com article by Seth Rosenblatt ( @sethr) Twitter is suing the US government in federal court to loosen restrictions that prevent full disclosure of government demands for Twitter user data. The suit, filed by the […]

Microsoft sets cloud event for October 20

From the Cnet.com article by Mary Jo Foley Microsoft is holding a “What’s ahead for Microsoft’s Cloud” event on October 20 in San Francisco. CEO Satya Nadella and Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Cloud & Enterprise group Scott Guthrie will both be presiding during the one-hour event for press and analysts. The event will take […]

Critical USB Hack Goes Public; How Bad Is The Risk?

From the Newsy.com’s Matt Pitch Because we just didn’t have enough tech security problems to worry about, computer science researchers have just published a potentially catastrophic security exploit. It’s ubiquitous, it’s nearly impossible to fix, and it’s all thanks to these little devices. The problem first came to light several months ago, when a pair of researchers, […]