A Few Tips to get more from Siri

Siri Tips and Tricks

1. Siri understands grammar so feel free to use. An example would be when sending a text try something like this, “Hey John *comma* how was the game last night *question mark* *smiley face*.  The text should then read out as “Hey John, how as the game last night? 🙂

2. Teach Siri how to correctly say things by correcting her verbally. “That’s not how you pronounce Phillipe” and from their Siri will take you through changing the pronounication in the future.

3. Siri doubles as an alarm clock too. Just tell her to “Set my alarm for (insert time here)” and Siri will try and wake you up.

4. Use Siri as a day planner, she can handle all the information, just tell her to schedule a calendar event with the time, date, and location.

The above tips are just a few we picked from the fine folks of CNET. Be sure to show them some love and visit their page to see the wonderful accompanying pictures that go with the above tips. CNET.COM