Google Mastery L33t Skillz

So you think your a Google master?

Think again, with these few tips you can utilize Google’s search potential to the max.  Here are just a couple of tips from America’s Digital Goddess, Kim Komando, that will get the most out of your Google searches.

1. Special searches allow you to get the weather, check flight status or  track a package, you can do currency exchanges on the fly.

2.  Wanna do a reverse image search to avoid being catfished. Go to your Google home page and then click Images. You can click the little camera icon and either drag and drop a photo or upload one from your computer. -Directly from link posted below.

3. Gags and Games abound from the fine folks at Google. Search Google for French Military Victories and hit the I’m Feeling Lucky Button to get a parody search result that says ” oops did you mean French Military Defeats” as if you mis-keyed your entry.

Poke around and feel free to explore more fun thing at Kim’s original post HERE