OS X Yosemite

Excerpt taken from WIRED.COM article by Christina Bonnington 6/2/2014

If you were hoping for a shiny new Apple TV or wearable, you’ll be sorely disappointed by Monday’s WWDC announcements. But for those interested in advancements for both Apple’s mobile and desktop operating systems, iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite spell big news for both developers and consumers alike.

The biggest news for Yosemite is its redesign, which more closely unifies the desktop operating system with iOS. Broader iCloud-based syncing across Apple’s operating systems virtually erases the borders between devices. But updates to iOS, and the developer side of iOS, were the key focus of today’s presentation. With a slew of new APIs, an entirely new language for developers, and a handful of “kits” (HealthKit and HomeKit) for them to tie into, iOS 8 marks a huge step for iOS.

Tim Cook kicked off Apple’s 2014 WWDC keynote, now in its 25th year, by talking about the future of iOS and Mac OS X. Today, we’re going to see the future of iOS and Mac OS X, he said, and how they work seamlessly together.

That point was driven home first by Craig Federighi, who introduced the latest version of Mac OS X: Yosemite. The new desktop operating system will have a new interface that borrows heavily from Apple’s latest mobile OS. There are also enhancements to popular apps, as well as a new feature called continuity that lets you hand off and pick up tasks you start on one Apple device with another.

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